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Hand Picked Places To Rent

With Recent Items shortcode you can list latest properties or specific properties from certain
categories, types, cities or areas. Featured properties are listed first.
[recent_items full_row=”no” number=”6″ rownumber=”3″ random_pick=”yes”][spacer height=”15″]
[spacer height=”30″]

Featured from Community

Use this shortcode to showcase a specific owner profile.
[featured_agent id=”888″ notes=”Always in search of local experiences.”]
[featured_agent id=”887″ notes=”New York history & art lover.”]
[featured_agent id=”889″ notes=”Professional photographers in NY.”]
[spacer height=”53″]
[spacer height=”20″]

Featured Places

With Featured Place and Featured Property shortcodes you can list specific cities, areas or properties.
The shortcodes help highlight the points of interest you wish visitors to notice.
[featured_place id=”2008″ places_label=”City that Never Sleeps”]
[featured_place id=”409″ places_label=”Nickel Chasers”]

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